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Written Screening Examinations for ETO 18

Attached are the lists of those applicants applying  for the ETO 18 (ET19B), programme that have met the application criteria and ARE HEREBY INVITED to conduct the written screening examinations in  Addis Ababa on Sunday 20 Oct 2019.

­The individual EMTI Reference Numbers (in the first column) of the attached tables are to be used as reference by applicants (numbers A001 – A354) when confirming their availability for the screening examinations:

NB: Members not indicated on the attached lists unfortunately did not meet the application criteria to be invited for the screening examination and are to reapply in future if they so wish.

Applicants are to confirm their availability by either contacting the following telephone number or email address indicated. Have your Identification Document you registered with at hand as your identification number will be required for verification.

Telephone number: +251-930-00-06-21
Email Address:

Note:  The ID Student Reference Number in the second column is the reference number in your relevant online application form. The programme applied for column indicates the online application of the programme you applied for which was utilised for the registration. Those that submitted multiple applications are informed that only ONE of your applications was utilised.


The venue to be utilised for the written screening examination as well as the required time to be present for registration is as indicated below:

Addis Ababa St. Mary University, Mexico undergraduate campus (next to Wabi Shebele Hotel) Examination Hall

Report for registration from 08:00 (East African Time) or 02:00 Ethiopian time


 Temporary Degree, Kebele ID, Your Identification Document you registered online with
(Bringing a copy of your Online Application Receipt will assist identification)

NB: No calculators or mobile phones are allowed to be used during the examinations


Electro Technical Officer – ETO 18
Written Screening Examinations 

ME 16 Interviews

Requirements for ETO 18 Online Application

For those who wish to apply for ETO 18 please see the attached check list and screening criteria before you apply.

Requirements for Legal Registration Process
Candidate check list for Enrollment – English  Candidate check list for Enrollment – Amharic 



Screening Interview Results for OICEW ME 18

Attached is the list of candidates who successfully completed the interview phase for the Officer in Charge Engine Watch Officer Programme ME 18 (ME19B).

The individual EMTI Reference Numbers (indicated in Red in the second column) that had been allocated to candidates during the registration process are to be used as reference by applicants during communication with EMTI administrative staff. For your ease of reference the date you were interviewed is also indicated.

Successful candidates are to take medication at Dr. Abdurahman Duri Clinic, and medically fit candidates are to take note that the Legal Registration phase of the application process will follow. Attached requirements for legal registration process.

Communication in this regard is to be with EMTI Addis Ababa office: +251-966-21-51-67 or (”

Interview Results
Candidates Interview Results 

OICEW ME 18 Interview Results
Requirements for Legal Registration Process
Candidate check list for Enrollment – English  Candidate check list for Enrollment – Amharic 



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