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Written Screening Examinations for Electro Technical Officer (ETO 17)

Attached are the lists of those applicants applying  for the  Electro Technical Officer , ETO17(ET19A),programme that have met the application criteria and ARE HEREBY INVITED to conduct the written screening examinations in  Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar on Saturday 05 May 2018.


The individual EMTI Reference Numbers (in the first column) of the attached tables are to be used as reference by applicants (numbers A001 – A156 for applicants that indicated they want to write in Addis Ababa and numbers B001 – B024 for candidates that indicated they want to write in Bahir Dar) when confirming their availability for the screening examinations:

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ETO 16 Successful Candidates | Basic Training

Reminder to all recruits accepted for the next programme in Electro Technical Officer.


ETO Batch 16: Basic Training for course ETO18B – starts on 05 February 2018.


See call-up instructions below.


You are hereby reminded to report to the Academy at the Peda Campus of the University of Bahir Dar from 03 February 2018, but not later than 17:00 on 04 February 2018, for the start of your programme. The first course in the programme is basic training. On successful completion of this course, you will start the 6- month course, Electro Technical Officer, which is the core course of the programme. Basic training consists of the following subjects:

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Screening Interview Results for Electro Technical Officer – ETO 16

Attached is the list of candidates who successfully completed the interview phase for the Electro-Technical Officer Programme ETO 16 (EO18B).

The individual EMTI Reference Numbers (indicated in Red in the second column) that had been allocated to candidates during the registration process are to be used as reference by applicants during communication with EMTI administrative staff. For your ease of reference the date you were interviewed is also indicated.

Successful candidates are to take note that the Legal Registration phase of the application process will follow.

Communication in this regard is to be with the EMTI Addis Ababa office: +251-9662-15-167 or (”

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