Applicants invited to interviews for post graduate program

Marine Officers in charge of an engineering watch and

Marine Electro / technical officers

The Bahir Dar University in collaboration with Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI) is conducting personal interviews for candidates who took the written screening exam on June 21st and passed it successfully.

The interviews are conducted in Bahir Dar on September 3-4 and in Addis on September 5-9.

In the following table you will find the names of those who are invited to the interviews, and the venue and date scheduled for them.

Applicants will be accepted to interviews only according to that list.


Maritime Academy Office at Bahir Dar University:

Peda Campus, building #B155, Office of Maritime Academy.

Telephone #: 0588 209 257 or 0588 200 888



EMTI office in Addis Ababa:

Tracon Tower, 12th floor, Churchil Road, in front of Black Lion Secondary School.

To the interview you must attend with the requirements listed below:

  1. BSc degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Original and one photocopy of it.
  2. Valid Kebele Identification


Marine Electro / technical officers applicants invited to interviews

Maine Electro / Technical Officers
RF First Name Father Name Last Name Venue of Interview Date of Interview
MU ETOW 293 Abadi Tekle Abrha Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE WI 105 Abebe Gezahegn Jembrie Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETO 42 Abebe Adigo Wosen Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE103 Abel Abreham Baraki Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW391 Aberham Habte Misgana Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 372 Aboma Regassa Ayana Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE158 Abrahum Damtie Arefayine Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE165 Abreham Adugna Urgessa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU ETOW 286 Abrha Fitsum Berhe Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BDUE76 Abyot Letke Negussie Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE136 Achalu Regasa Hirpasa Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE11 Addisu Asrate Walle Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW271 Addisu Teshome Tadesse Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE15 Addisu Melesse Ayele Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW295 Adugna Zewde Debelew Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE17 Adugnaw Lake Temesgen Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE34 Alelegn Andualem Tizale Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE224 Alemayehu Bayou Yigezu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE211 Amare Argaw Ayenew Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE134 Amid Ahmed Esmael Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 193 Anbes Gebremikael Atelaw Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW356 Andargie Tadesse Beklayneh Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 220 Anuar Shikurila Yasin Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW408 Arefa Abebe Gichamo Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 84 Asegid Alemu Degefu Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE53 Asmamaw Mersha Gelaye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW374 Asteray Tsige Woldegebreal Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW313 Atinafu Tizazu Hunegnaw Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE172 Ayana Tefere Belay Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BE 963 Ayenew Birara Fentie Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE49 Bantamelak Tafete Ayalew Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE92 Befekadu Abebe Balcha Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE58 Behailu Temesgen Hailu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW319 Belete Wurji Regasa Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDUE26 Belete Tefere Chekle Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE79 Bereket Yoseph Jorge Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW314 Bereket Yacob Shanko Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW359 Berhanu Abdo Tilahun Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE53 Berhanu Amsalu Gershia Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW369 Berhe Hagos Wolu Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW381 Bewket Aseme Awoke Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE80 Biniyam Wondie Bizuye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE13 Binyam Melese Asaye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDUE29 Birhanu Dolla Dada Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU ETO 148 Biruk Alitabachew Gebrye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW320 Chirstian Mitku Tegegne Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 397 Dagne Getahun Chekol Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 427 Dagne Yazew Feye Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW270 Dawit Gezahegn Alamirew Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 147 Dawit Tegay Gebreselassie Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 16 Dawit Hailekiros Hishe Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 324 Dejenie Fikir Addis Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW335 Demu Tadese Birhanu Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 148 Dereje Derib Getie Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE45 Dessalew Biru Mekonnen Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ETOW 277 Dirar Belay Kassahun Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE170 Efream Assgedew Moges Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE171 Endale Astagse Goshme Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW243 Endawok Habtamu Efirew Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW286 Enitew Belay Belachew Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW401 Enyew Asires Eshetie Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE146 Esayas Arak Dawit Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE212 Eyob Tilahun Haile Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE86 Eyob Aklilu Goshu Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ETO 209 Eyob Tekle Dedde Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW291 Eyobe Habtie Remiso Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE75 Fami Yonis Mumed Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE5 Fasil Belete Desalegn Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO525 Fayera Bayana Sori Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW403 Feyisa Dawit Gebretsadik Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE32 Fikr Getnet Worku Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW263 Firaol Tadese Maru Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 80 Freselam Redda Tekle Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE49 Gebreegziaber Hiluf Gebremedihin Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW398 Gebreegziabiher Gebrehiwot Gebru Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDUE85 Gedamu Muche Simeneh Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW393 Gemechu Demisie Tegenie Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW415 Gemechu Tadesa Gutema Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDUE60 Geremew Bantie Hunegnaw Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE30 Getachew Desta Erkalo Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BE 979 Getachew Shibabaw Bezabih Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE155 Getu Shumi Abdi Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW365 Getu Wondale Yibelital Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETOW 255 Giday Birhanu Ayalneh Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 70 Girmay Abadi Hailu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDUE40 Gode Dikam Endale Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 230 Gosa Alemu Seseba Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ETO 191 Goytom Gebremedihin Kahssaye Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW362 Gude Mengistu Hamelmal Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 200 Haftom Mulu Hailemariam Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 192 Hagos Gebremedihin Teklu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU ETOW 261 Hailay Adera Mebrhatu Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETOW 274 Hailay Mehari Belaye Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETOW 287 Haileselassie Fisseha Berhe Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 85 Haileyesus Dessie Gobezie Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE54 Hawat Mukuaw Getahun Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETO 171 Hawaz Kahasay Teka Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 36 Hayelom Teka Woldegebreal Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE33 Henok Samuel Kama Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW396 Hirpo Ibrahim Beriso Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW371 Ibirahim Mubarek Esubalew Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE89 Kasahun Merga Yegletu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW304 Kassahun Negash Mindiun Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW254 Kebtu Mekonnen Mihitia Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE185 Kifle Tsegaye Fujaga Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BDUE WI 103 Kirubel Bezabih Ambaw Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE16 Lencho Temesgen Danusa Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE84 Mamush Alemu Tesema Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE14 Marsiles Darsema Ayana Bahir Dar 6-Sep-15
AEW265 Matuma Bakala Jalata Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW285 Meareg Kidanie Gebremariam Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW376 Megersa Tekie Ayana Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW292 Mekidim Getachew Sahilu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW349 Mekonnen Asefa Ezra Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JE 539 Mekonnen Tilahun Tesfe Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BE 978 Mekuanint Ebabye Getie Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AE7 Melese Mola Melash Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AE9 Melese Belay Alem Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW281 Melese Ayalneh Belay Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU ETO 95 Meresa Hagos Kidanemariam Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW241 Merga Feyisa Aredo Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ETOW 969 Merkebu Muche Kebede Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE19 Meskerem Eshetu Bediw Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE214 Michael Gebregziabher Belay Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW368 Miftadin Mohammed Lgiso Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDUE WI 100 Mignot Ayana Alemu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE63 Mikael Getachew Tamire Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW373 Mikias Habtamu Bizuye Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE228 Minale Genetu Lake Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AEW382 Minale Alebachew Siyum Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE81 Miniyahil Assefa Ago Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW261 Mintesinot Chirdo Guchura Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE213 Mintesnot Befekadu Taye Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW418 Mizanu Bantihun Mehari Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU ETOW 291 Moges Mesele Sharew Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE166 Mohammed Ibrahim Ghorole Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU ETO 73 Mohammed Ulle Hassen Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW328 Muez Tadele Woldegebreal Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BDUE62 Muktar Refeka Issa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW330 Mulat Alemayehu Kassie Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW384 Mulken Ayano Berbo Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE88 Mulualem Mussie Ossa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU ETO 170 Mulubrhan Hailay Gebru Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETO 113 Mussie Abrihaley Hadgu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU ETO 142 Nahom Baye Alemnehe Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW299 Naib Misgana Kahasay Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 219 Nemomsa Abebe Negassa Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ETOW 284 Redaei Kassa Abrha Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 277 Reta Gemechu Yami Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 409 Robel Mekonnen Desta Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE37 Samson Getnet Wondimagegn Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDUE WI 1004 Samuel Leikun Birhnu Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ETO 184 Seare Geremcal Assefa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AE137 Seid Huldaro Buser Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE40 Semachew Fasika Misrak Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 284 Senay Mazenagia Yirta Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 270 Senbetu Mekengo Wochaso Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW360 Shibabaw Miretu Tesfaye Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW278 Shumbolo Shufa Choche Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AEW353 Shume Nagi Beyene Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDUE WI 1002 Simachew Alene Abiye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO498 Simegnew Addis Meless Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETOW 278 Sintayehu Tigist Mebratu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AEW409 Sireka Kejela Woyisa Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE118 Sofonias Mengit Reta Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW250 Sura Kegelo Negeri Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE3 Surafel Simachew Gobezie Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE2 Tadele Beyene Wakine Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 92 Tadele Birhanu Debelo Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO 221 Tadessa Regassa Okuma Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE48 Tadesse Wale Abebe Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW290 Tadesse Abebe Mekonnen Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW394 Tadesse Dinberu Asimelash Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDUE32 Tadesse Amare Derebe Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE96 Tadesse Haylom Wolday Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW277 Tarekegn Tesmama Tufa Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUE WI 1001 Teketel Petros Achamu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU ETO 112 Tekle Negash Hagos Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE215 Temesgen Geremew Gebeyehu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE216 Temesgen Gebeyehu Mekonnen Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE106 Tesfaye Kebu Urga Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AE6 Tesfaye Meberate Anteneh Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW414 Tesfaye Siyum Dayo Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA ETO467 Tesfaye Buta Heyi Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AE206 Tigabie Berihun Messele Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE1 Tigabu Halefom Kelelew Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AE65 Umer Bizal Hussein Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BE 974 Wasihun Assefa Mekonnen Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW255 Wondu Chalie Gemta Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDUE WI 104 Wondye Yohannes Haile Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ETOW 299 Yalemsew Yigzaw Agajie Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU ETO 238 Yared Kahassu Gebrekidan Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW392 Yayu Gedu Getasew Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETOW 256 Yeab Tadese Belaye Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE103 Yenesew Muluneh Zegeye Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE101 Yirga Shitahun Yihunie Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW357 Yohannes Adnew Tekleab Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AEW306 Yonas Kebede Lema Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AEW385 Yonas Alemayehu Yibelital Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETO 226 Yonas Shibabaw Dessie Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE83 Yosef Tarekegn Shita Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ETO 3 Zakarias Walde Debebe Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AEW276 Zelalem Getaneh Abiyu Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BE 967 Zelalem Endaye Fentahun Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDUE73 Zeleke Mihret Moges Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU ETO 168 Zinabu Germay Gbremariam Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15


Marine Officers in charge of an engineering watch applicants invited to interviews


Marine Officers in charge of an engineering watch
RF First Name Father Name Last Name Venue of Interview Date of Interview
JIMMA MEW190 Abay Kalkidan Yihun Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA ME69 Abdu Mohammed Jiregna Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ME 28 Abdulkadr Jemal Legas Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW128 Abduraman Ibrahim Mohammed Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AM65 Abebaw Adefris Lema Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
A2M64 Abebe Tefera Sileshi Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU MEW 87 Abel Hadgo Abadi Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA ME106 Abrham Retta Tedila Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW132 Abrihaley Tsehaye Teklemariam Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW181 Adane Birhanu Kenya Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AMW168 Adefris Ergetie Meshesha Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M59 Adem Assefaw Nigussie Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW198 Adugna Dinku Badane Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW0148 Ahemed Abdulahi Mohammed Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA ME 149 Ahmed Salahdin Abdurehman Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
A2M71 Aklilu Tsegaye Tufa Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
A2M12 Alemu Kanean Robsan Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
A2M16 Alemu Tola Getu Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW221 Aleyu Akmel Hussien Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW222 Aman Nuredin Ibrahim Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M81 Amanti Yami Yosef Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
A2M15 Amare Wudneh Metagese Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW147 Amare Yilma Bitarek Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW166 Amare Atinafu Admasie Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW177 Amin Bateri Abu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ME104 Amsalu Desyebelew Tafa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M1 Anteadera Misganaw Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
MU MEW 92 Aragaw Worku Tefera Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ME101 Asalif Mamo Sirata Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW162 Asefaw Belay Alem Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW0147 Ashenafi Abera Kiros Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AMW156 Asmamaw Dessie Adisu Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
A2M76 Assaye Gedamu Tamrat Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
A2M52 Ayele Abera Yonas Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME55 Ayele Mengist Gumo Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
BDEM 26 Bahiru Nigusu Habtemariam Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AMW166 Bashir Mustefa Kalid Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
A2M4 Baye Beyene Yiatyal Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
A2M75 Bereket Birhanie Siyume Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
DMU ME673 Bereket Yilma Amdde Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M46 Berhanu Debele Mesifen Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
A2M69 Beshire Mussie Abdulkadir Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU MEW 72 Besufekad Legese Mihretu Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW112 Beza Woldtsadik Hailesilassie Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AM58 Biniyam Abate Mekonnen Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
MU MEW 101 Birhane Teklay Yitbarek Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW91 Birhanie Gebre Abreh Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AM10 Biruk Workneh Feyissa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AMW110 Bisrat Berihun Bade Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AMW111 Biyadiglign Yihunie Mogessie Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME8 Boja Abera Ashengo Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
DMU ME655 Chibsa Fule Amenu Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
A2M41 Dagaga Feto Bedaso Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW152 Dagimawi Ketema Wondimu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU MEW 85 Dagmawi Zeleke Dagne Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW134 Dagne Gezahegne Abenezer Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M65 Daniel Siyum Abnet Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW104 Daniel Siyum Asegido Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU MEW 75 Daniel Abera Ayua Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW113 Dawit Melaku Bekele Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
AMW123 Dawit Alemu Legesse Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
BDEM 35 Defaru Agune Kibret Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M51 Deju Gura Tesfaye Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA ME53 Delesa Kejela Goshu Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
MU ME 24 Desta Samuel Saye Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ME12 Dio Dadi Belaye Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M22 Dubi Hassen Yonas Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW161 Duro Kuni Gosaye Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AM13 Dwberu Chane Ayalew Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AMW102 Ednale Bulo Wolde Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M36 Eeyuel Hibeul Girma Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW179 Efrem Zemene Demelash Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDUMW 83 Elias Semreden Ahmed Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AMW151 Emana Feyisa Wonwosen Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW108 Ermias Deresse Wolde Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
A2M60 Esmail Mohammed Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW0145 Eyobel Gossaye Dejene Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M20 Fentie Assefan Bukayaw Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW148 Fikre Solomon Yohannes Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW0151 Fikru Alemayehu Desta Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ME89 Firaol Menigistu Mugeta Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M63 Firdyawkal Demisie Yirsaw Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW164 Firew Besenbet Tafere Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BM 215 Fitum Eskywek Dagne Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
MU MEW 82 G/eyesus Hailu Tedla Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW121 Gebeyehu Badeg G/mariam Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW146 Gebrewold Baklew Efrem Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU MEW 91 Gelaye Tadese Teferi Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA ME50 Gemechis Tafese Gelaw Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AMW138 Gemechu Shaku Kasahun Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M47 Germeso Kennsa Eyob Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BM 158 Getasew Adera Getahun Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AMW107 Getnet Ayitenew Asnaw Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AMW97 Getnet Teshome Derese Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M62 Girama Gute Daniel Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
A2M49 Girma Atenaw Tsehay Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW142 Girma Melika Nahom Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ME16 Girma Woriku Beyene Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW178 Girma Bekele Amanuel Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW217 Gizachew Mke Alem Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AMW149 Gonfa Gemechu Abebe Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME94 Gush Takaie Gebreselasie Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME121 Habtamu Mitiku Workeneh Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME60 Habtamu Netsere Hassen Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU MEW 73 Habtom G/medhin G/wahid Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
BDEM 56 Haileamlak Meless Wondie Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
BDUMW 75 Haileeyesus Taye Alebachew Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
MU ME 39 Hailemariam Seife Awlachew Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M38 Haileyesus Mehari Yohannes Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA ME43 Hayredin Shewmolo Gebregerges Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
A2M66 Henock Amare Abebe Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AMW160 Henock Belay Nathan Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW218 Huzii Zeyoum Alem Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME35 Iyasu Tafese Faye Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW170 Jebesa Shifara Negasa Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
A2M56 Jindu Mulutezm Marzeneb Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME90 Jonathan Dawit Mulatu Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDEM 29 kaleab Negash Huluka Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU MEW 86 Kinfe Bezine Robel Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME4 Lemi Chala Abdo Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDEM 25 Lemlem Zeslassie Gebrkidan Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME95 Lingerew Enbakom Obse Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME11 Lioul Fenta Belay Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ME 42 Meareg Kiros Abreha Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW208 Mebratu Beza Gebre Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BM 167 Mebrtu Asaye Mengistu Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW114 Mekete Mulualem Mebratu Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW140 Melese Getahun Fitsum Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME68 Melkamu Yigerem Jiregna Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
AMW158 Melkie Gedamu Chemir Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
A2M61 Mengesha Alemayehu Tilahun Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDEM 28 Mengistu Seyume Heyi Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW214 Meota Beka Kebede Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW209 Mikias Getachew Ayele Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU MEW 107 Minale Dereje Gelaye Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDEM 55 Miraf Berhane Wodegebriel Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW205 Mireteab Shishay Haile Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M50 Mohammed Roba Yasin Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
AMW94 Mulueta Tilkl Lemi Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M55 Mulugeta Kifle Nisha Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW206 Muluken Sewayehu Mera Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AM76 Muluneh Birhane Zeleke Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDEM 48 Mulusew Asrat Tadesse Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
BDUMW 78 Natinael Samson Mitiku Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AMW139 Nega Keneni Aschalew Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
A2M68 Nigussie Assefa Melaku Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW225 Nigusu Sisay Adem Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDUMW 77 Robel Getenet Bayu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BDEM 45 Seid Mustofa Seid Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW212 Serawit Demeke Asres Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
BDEM 46 Shimelis Chagito Shado Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
A2M58 Shumet Derebe Alene Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW223 Sintayehu Bekele Gizachew Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW116 Solomon Gebeyehu Gizaw Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BM 138 Solomon Mihret Agegnehu Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
JIMMA ME10 Sonan Boru Barkessa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AM73 Sultan Abdela Yasin Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW151 Sultan Mohammed Guye Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW194 Sultan Abdela Buti Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
A2M32 Tadesse Yifru Muluneh Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA ME124 Tafete Getaw Yewahans Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
AMW95 Tahir Debalu Essa Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AM26 Tamirat Kelbessa Amenu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA ME103 Tamiru Mekonnen Tadesse Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU ME 33 Tamiru Lemma Wakeyo Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
MU MEW 103 Tedros Asrat Degel Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW145 Tekle Yitina Dagnachew Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
MU MEW 71 Teklit Fisseha Gebru Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AMW150 Teklu Gebresilassie Yonas Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BM 189 Temeegen Zewdie Mita Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
AMW147 Tesfahun Chekol Berihun Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
A2M82 Tesfamikael Tadesse Yirga Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW224 Tewabe Yeneabat Amare Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA ME51 Tigistu Bebarega Gizaw Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
A2M74 Tinsae Yohannes Yilma Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME92 Tsegaye Kefa Mulu Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW213 Tura Mohammed Tahir Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
AM57 Universe Chaklie Desta Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA ME34 Welteji Bena Essa Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW184 Wesenu Tirfu Wari Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW187 Wondu Rorisa Meklka Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDEM 43 Worku Birhan Nega Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
DMU ME672 Wosen Getahun Kassa Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
BDEM 12 Wuhabie Tsega Dejen Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AMW131 Yared Getahun Zena Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW183 Yared Tadese Guelti Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW185 Yared Tsige Asteray Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M26 Yassin Abdela Abdeselam Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
BDEM 27 Yenus Seid Hassen Bahir Dar 4-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW161 Yibelital Manaye Kefyalew Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M67 Yohanes Tsegaye Mergya Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW186 Yohanes Asmare Andargie Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15
BDEM 17 Yohannes Muche Engeda Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
BM 163 Yohannes Chanie Mekonnen Bahir Dar 3-Sep-15
AMW127 Yonael Kassahun Mergeneh Addis Ababa 7-Sep-15
MU MEW 106 Yonas Solomon Fitsum Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW174 Yosef Mitiku Kebebih Addis Ababa 8-Sep-15
A2M44 Yoseph Sisay Wondemagegn Addis Ababa 5-Sep-15
A2M31 Zekarias Halilemariam Yishak Addis Ababa 9-Sep-15
JIMMA MEW189 Zelalem Hailu Eshetie Addis Ababa 6-Sep-15

August 26th, 2015

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