Successful Mechanical Engineering candidates

Attached is the list of the successful Mechanical Engineering candidates interviewed for the Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch (OICEW) Programme ME 13 (EO17A),and subsequent OICEW programmes,  in Addis Ababa (1 to 6 Aug 2016) and Bahir Dar (9 and 10 Aug 2016). The list is serialised in the order of the Reference Numbers issued to candidates and NOT in any order of priority or interview result obtained.

Candidates indicated can proceed with collecting the documents required for submission as indicated in the form (Legal Registration Checklist) handed to them during their interviews.

Once all the requirements as required in the checklist are met, or regarding any enquires, candidates are requested to contact any of the contact details below in order for the next step in the process to be finalised.


+251-9359-83-638 (TErkineh@emticorp.com)


+251-9127-68-280 (Easres@emticorp.com)


+251-9180-26-540 (EAtrsaw@emticorp.com)




It is requested that note be taken that those candidates who complete the registration process first (whose submitted documents are in order) will have an advantage in respect of  being chosen to attend  the OICEW programme scheduled first (EO17A commencing 19 Sep 2016). Members completing the process later will be accommodated in subsequent programmes.


Closing dates for submission of documentation for the various programmes (EO17A, EO17B, EO17C) will be promulgated when required.


Members not indicated on the attached list unfortunately did not meet the requirements to be invited to continue the current process can reapply in future if they so wish.



ME Candidates Interviewed Aug 2016 to Continue Legal Registration

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July 30th, 2016

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