The following candidates are invited to join the ERR 2 programme.

This programme will be conducted as follows:

Core Programme of ERR 2: from 15 June to 3 September 2015.

Please comply with the following instructions

You must bring the following items with you:

  1. Valid kebele ID. The birthday stated on your kebele ID must be the same as on all other documents and certificates, place of birth should be written.
  2. Document to register ( Diploma, 8th grade certificate)
  3. Work clearance from the previous work. If you don’t have work to this day bring a letter that explains you don’t have a job from your local kebele.
  4. Personal stuff.
  5. Sport gear (Swiming suit, shoes).
  6. Stationary ( pen and notebook).


The names of the candidates listed below should report to the Maritime Academy, Bahir Dar on Sunday 14 of June by 1900.

To All Candidates for ERR 2
AER122 Fadli Aman Nuri
AER274 Wandimagegn Achalu Bekele
AER202 Milkiyas Mulissa Bekele
AER275 Wasihun Tilahun Legese
AER34 Anteneh Kibret Beza
AER85 Dejene Geletu Negewo
AER293 Yohannes Lisanework Teklegiorgis
AER199 Micheal Ameneshewa Damtew
AER52 Belete Diba Aga
AER227 Sammuel G/michael Zeray
AER75 Dagne Shito Lejisa
AER146 Gizaw Assefa G/madihn
AER303 Zelaem Mamo Rikitu
AER49 Belachew Abera Gudicha
AER115 Ermiyas Haile Yimer
AER224 Robel Getachew Megersa
AER281 Worku Abate Haile
AER159 Hailu Tefa Nedi
AER234 Sintayehu Gelana Kebede
AER190 Melkamu Gedefa Fufa
BER53 Berhie Samuel Kahsay
AER3 Abdi Akuma Shiferaw
AER121 Eyuel Niguse Abebe
AER90 Denagede Bullo Ayele
AER283 Wudye Chanyalew Zewdu
BER110 Maru Aysheshem Menale
AER228 Samre Mamo Wolde
AER296 Yonas Teferi Mogas
AER290 Yigezu Dinku Gobena
AER39 Ashenafi Wesen Shenkule
AER55 Bereket Teferi Weldesemayat
AER40 Ashinafi Assefa Kenore
BER54 Berihun Nebeyat Dessalgn
BER25 Alemu Tadesse Mekuanent
AER57 Berket Tadesse Asfaw


June 1st, 2015

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